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Go Vegan. Be The Best Friends For Your Planet.

Are you planning to change your diet? Are you a vegetarian and planning to adopt a vegan lifestyle? Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is healthier for us. Stay healthy and safe and choose the trusted brand.

Currently, the lifestyle is constantly changing and the majority of the world population, Western Europe, Northern America, and Northern, Western and Southern Indian people are turning vegan. They are adopting more nutritional superfoods and drinks.

People are switching their diets from non-vegetarian to vegetarian or vegan diets. This kind of diet adoption saves the earth from global warming. It is also a good initiative toward animal welfare. There is a rapidly growing demand for such products.

Vegan milk is dairy alternative products such as almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, rice milk, peanut milk, coconut milk, and cashew milk. These are the milk extracts from nuts & grains that are equally good as cow milk or sometimes even better as it is controllable as per nutritional requirement. However, these products come with some processing challenges.


Our innovation-driven team can tackle such needs whether the product, size, process, green-field, or old. In this product portfolio, every product requires a different kind of plant & machinery.

BCS Global is ready to offer you a complete solution for nuts & grains such as raw material selection, raw material handling, milk extraction, pasteurization, standardization, aseptic/non-aseptic filling, and a clean-in-place (CIP) system.


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?

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