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Snacks and Bakery


Snacks And Bakery

Pies, pizza, pastries, cakes, and crackers… there are a plethora of sweet bakery delights that allure us every day. Today, bakery goods are colourful, imaginative and sophisticated, but many of our favourite products can easily be made by using world-class processing and packaging technologies.

Throughout the day, most of the meals are covered by extruded products that satisfy all needs in terms of shape, colours and nutrients. Our technology helps you produce all kinds of extruded products as per market trends and customer needs.

Compared to directly expanded products, snack pellet technology ensures well-defined shapes. Additionally, it permits an extensive variety of raw materials, as possibly all thickeners containing raw materials can be used, with a large selection of shaping systems: from the most traditional die-cut products to sheeted ones, double and even multilayered ones. It is possible because of our exclusive Dies & Moulds Department, we produce all kinds of extruded products in all shapes and forms, to satisfy even the most demanding customers.


Our industry doyens, technical mavens and project leaders leave no stone unturned in making your business venture successful. They work with each customer at every stage to provide the right solutions, from early consultation and planning to installation and commissioning. So, whether it’s the intricacies, scale of process lines or plants, we ensure the reliable and robust operation of every piece of our technology throughout its service life.

Each & every raw material that needs to be cooked is first processed in the first extrusion-cooking step. Next is the shaping step of the cooked mass. This may be either the cold extrusion shared earlier–or for that matter–any different system that can give the desired shape to the hot dough before it is subjected to the drying procedure. Thanks to the modest principle of pellet snacks, utilizing different kinds of starch-based raw materials is possible. While the cereal flours are the most commonly used of the lot, root starches, such as potato and tapioca and cereal starches, are also utilized on a large scale. Making formulas with peculiar features –such as high fibre content, multi-grain, or multicoloured–is an important plus point of making use of the pellet snacks technology.

Although the pellet production normally involves a step to cook the starch matrix, facilitating the use of the low-priced and extensive raw flours and uncooked starches, certain kinds of raw materials are already cooked, like; as an example, granules & potato. On certain occasions, precooked or par-cooked cereal raw stuff is also made use of. Usually, pre-cooked materials don’t have to undergo the various cooking phases. These just have to undergo the shaping and drying procedures.

Courtesy of a fully out-and-out R&D department, we are in a position to swiftly attend to the requests of our customers, and come up with new products with cutting-edge technologies. Our R&D departments focus on doing a thorough study on the new raw materials and the different novel ways to process them, studying new shapes and textures and performing qualitative tests, all the while, working along with our customers.


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?

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