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BCS Globals ensures real goodness. From raw materials to specialist test facilities, BCS has developed incredible expertise within a short period to tackle upcoming challenges for dairy alternative products like soy, oat, almond, peanut, rice, and coconut milk.

No matter which place or country you belong to, the first thing you taste like a baby is milk. But, in today’s dynamic world, it is not always easy to provide the best for your child. As people are turning vegetarian, it is of paramount importance to emphasise on vegetarian or vegan diets so that children can get nutrition. Owing to this, we focus on animal welfare and overall health and wellbeing.

Armed with leading-edge technologies, development modules and lines, unified solutions, decades of experience and a dedicated global team, we, at BCS, relentlessly work in association with our customers to design, install and support manufacturing plants for this growing market.

Flavours and product types vary as per the region. BCS understands this difference effectively and has positioned itself accordingly to satisfy customers all over the world. Its beverage team for beverage plants globally is committed to supporting clients, no matter where they are and whatever their applications are. It makes all the expertise, innovation and development skills available to them on time, every time. At BCS, providing environmentally sustainable solutions is a way of life: by blending our process solutions and our in-house cooling and heating solutions in the initial phase, your plant is conceived with enhanced energy efficiency, reduced operating costs and a diminishing carbon footprint.

Whether as a beverage manufacturer, you want to discover a new market, as a dairy producer, you want to expand your product range or you already have a robust brand in the market and wants to stay ahead of the competition, contact us today and together, we can design the solution that’s customized to your needs.


Determined largely by growing nutritional awareness and concerns about environmental sustainability, interest in plant-based beverages and foods is rising rapidly. Initially, food scientists thought of meeting this demand by blending the taste and mouth-feel of animal-based dairy products, they are now more firm on bringing out the basic taste of the alternative food sources like soy, oat, almonds, and rice. Just like cashews, peas, fava, hemp, and flaxseed, each of these food sources offers exceptional flavour and mouth-feel potential – making them popular amongst consumers. It is primarily a function of sourcing and production choices to unleash the flavour potential of each one of them.

Where Taste meets Technology

Utilizing the exclusive flavour possibilities for each plant source needs knowledge of techniques and production processes. Our team of specialists has a deep understanding of creating the most favourable sensory product profile. They can maintain the taste, erase off-flavours, improve protein content, or do whatever else it takes to bring great-tasting products to the grocery shelves.

Plant-based beverages, plant-based fermented products and plant-based powders for a wide variety of alternative dairy applications are some of our application specialties. We also have vast experience in building distinctive, customized applications that could help you stand tall in the market.


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?

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