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Delivering solutions for sustainable baby formula manufacturing

Innovative Food Technology

Due to the growing world population, the food industry is under tremendous pressure to fill the gap between demand and supply. With a wide-ranging portfolio covering almost the entire food chain, BCS plays a crucial role in delivering technical expertise to around 70 percent of the product manufacturers present in supermarkets.

State-of-the-art Food Technology

The industrialized countries witness a growing trend towards delicious foods that are nutritious, healthy, and easy to prepare.
Our solutions for food industry

We believe that we should maintain cleanliness and hygiene for the food industry. Providing innovative solutions for the food industry is our forte.

  • Preparing foods
  • Separating foods
  • Initial processing,
  • Preserving foods
  • Chilling
  • Packaging
  • Freezing a wide variety of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, oils and fats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, bread, confectionery

Equipped to meet ideal hygiene and quality standards, while operating efficiently and sustainably, BCS food technology works relentlessly to deliver world-class quality solutions – from standard plant systems to customized solutions. From project management to planning and cost control, our technical expertise helps you achieve an adaptable and cost-effective food production.

Change in processing

Modern consumers look for food and ingredient processors. In a house, where both the parents are working professionals, it is difficult for them to shop for and prepare fresh meals. So, ready-to-eat and convenience foods such as liquid-ready meals, soups, sauces, dressings, non-dairy baby food, non-dairy desserts, as well as traditional favourite items like ketchup and mayonnaise are getting a respectable place in every household. But they are also emphasizing nutrition and taste equivalent to fresh foods — and many of them have the resources to pay for it.

It is a matter of concern to keep and preserve the attained properties of processed food. Gentle treatment of the product throughout the process is required. Accurate mixing and specific heat treatment are necessary to ensure the maximum shelf life and product integrity. And many other process variables must be controlled with greater care than ever before.

Why BCS Globals?

It’s easy to achieve the natural appeal with the best ingredients. When the ingredients are right, it can easily extend shelf-life, improve texture, enhance flavour, increase nutritional value, or create a more attractive appearance. Plant and animal proteins and gelatins, carbohydrates (modified starch), flavours, fragrances, and yeast are some of the most commonly used ingredients. Each of them has rare properties that need widespread processes and competence to obtain premium products. We have the technology and talented experts to help you with all your processing needs.

It’s a fruitful decision to count on BCS processing technologies. No wonder, manufacturers of food, soy-based, oils, and meat products are staying updated on market trends with the support of BCS. From food processing equipment and modules to complete processing lines, we have a wide array of solutions to meet your food application needs, allowing the supply of products to consumers at reasonable prices while upholding the highest levels of hygiene and desired taste qualities.

The food production industry and the need for innovative solutions.

If you want to reach the desired taste, steady shelf life, and flawless hygiene levels, it is prudent to keep a tab on process timing, temperatures, and careful and correct raw ingredients and materials. From dry powders to sticky sugars, viscous liquids to shear or heat-sensitive ingredients such as flavour enhancers and essences, understanding how to get the most out of each ingredient and raw material takes you towards success. For better results, keep production costs low by minimizing spillage and waste, handle the process accurately, and be an expert in dosing and mixing ingredients.

Hygienic production and efficient and effective cleaning-in-place (CIP) of equipment and processing lines are some of our key areas of expertise. For us, it’s easy to comply in full with the most stringent regulatory standards for hygienic applications. Upsurge production revenues and uphold long running times through high ease of use and uptime levels.

Get more out of raw materials by reducing ingredients and product loss levels Integrate an energy-efficient process that reduces your consumption of utilities.

For example, you can create a zero-litre water discharge site, by using our membrane filter. And using our pumps configured to your specific processing parameters can lower energy consumption by as much as 50%.


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?

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