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India is one of the largest producers of oilseeds in the world. The sector plays a crucial role in India’s agricultural economy. Groundnut, mustard, rapeseed, sesame, safflower, soybean, sunflower, linseeds are the major traditionally cultivated oilseeds.

Oils and fats are two basic nutrients essential for human life. As the global need for health and wellness is growing, consumers are switching to plant-based oils such as corn, sunflower, etc. to get valuable nutrients. To meet these challenges, oil processors are adopting more innovative technologies.

Fat and oils commonly produced for the modern market include water in oil applications such as margarine, a fat-sugar application like biscuit crème for industrial and consumer applications.

Consumers are looking for flavorful color textures and nutrient-enriched products. To make these products, industrial challenges are functional optimization, density, flexibility, yield, and low costing to overcome these challenges. BCS Globals is probably the most accurate tailor-made solution provider across the globe.

We provide the following solutions

  • Oil extraction
  • Clarification
  • Degummed
  • Neutralization
  • De-waxing
  • Hydrogenation

BCS Globals not only provides benefit to clients with its advanced technology systems & equipment but also designs and supplies entire process lines from concept to commissioning.

We design our plants to meet production tasks, individual customer requirements, high efficiency with reliability, maximum utilization of raw materials, minimize utility uses, recovery of water, and best utilization of heat and energy to make your investment an economic success.

BCS Globals offers intelligent systems to meet your specific needs and desired quality.

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Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?

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