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Desserts and Fermented

Desserts & Fermented

Yogurt, desserts, and cultured milk drinks cover around 20-25% of the value of global dairy products consumption. Fermented products have now become a key part of a healthy diet. This by-products category demands proper hygienic processing and packaging solutions.

Today’s commercial processes are complex and challenging. You need an expert to produce an efficient production process, with the highest standards of hygiene and product quality.

BCS Globals has customized innovative solutions to make high-quality processes line for liquid, other viscous fermented desserts, and milk products. Based on processor capacity, our expert team designs, maintains, and trains your team to do processing smoothly, efficiently.

Our technological key solutions cover equipment such as pasteurizers, sterilization, UHT, mixing tanks, incubation, curd settler (Lactobacillus converts milk to curd) to support hygienic, safe, and accurate product quality. The diverse products may include yogurts, Greek yogurts, drinking yogurts, buttermilk, lassi, custards, puddings, etc.

We understand your need to derive the maximum value from capital investments. Our team will install process lines that can adapt as you grow, diversify, and make rapidly acceptable products for the market. We ensure the best-in-class plant and machinery for world-class quality products for your customers with minimal delays. Partner with us for the best technologies to minimize wastage of heat, energy, water, and reusability.


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?


Why can;t 2% natural juice be mixed in aerated drinks?

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