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Less is good. We are extra careful and responsible for our people’s health and our planet’s safety. We optimize significant energy while making the processes healthier and hygienic. Our technological expertise enables us to conserve more energy and create efficiency. We are sure that sustainability will be a key growth driver for BCS Globals in the years to come.
We let your business achieve climate targets and meet ever-increasing regulations around emissions, water consumption and waste disposal by taking a more impactful approach to processes. We can make the planet cleaner and greener by reducing CO2 emission safeguarding water re-innovating waste management systems and crafting better techniques of food production.



Innovation inspires growth. At BCS Globals every team member is driven by a passion for innovation. In the next five years, we plan to increase our R&D spending to accelerate new product development. As a result, our sales will grow substantially with these developments. We aim to offer our clients excellent technological solutions that help them use our machines even more effectively.


Driven by changing consumer expectations, the trends of food products are growing. For BCS Globals, this new trend presents even more exciting growth opportunities. As a complete range supplier of relevant technologies, we can fulfil this demand. Based on our technological expertise and proven strengths in scaling industrial applications, we expect to expand our strong position in this segment and become the most trusted leader.


For BCS Globals, good growth opportunities also lie in sales. We aim to grow sales of new plants by 9 to 10 percent every year by 2025. We want to fully utilize our effectiveness and global presence and better manage performance. We have the growth opportunities and how we can optimize our route-to-market. Such activities will not only help us grow exponentially but will also have a positive impact on cost structure.


For BCS Globals, service is a crucial offering for our clients and profitable business. We have found numerous opportunities to serve our clients even better. We aim to increase our service network and expand our service business, thereby increasing profitability. We are also working to change our incident-based to a subscription-based service model.

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